Welcome to our section on ‘Bush Work’.

As you can see by the photographs of our trucks we are capable of travelling anywhere that it is required on almost any roads. We also fly to some locations when required.

We carry our own plant and equipment, personal supplies and we are fully licensed in all facets of pest control including termites. We are fully capable and extensively experienced in meeting the pest control needs of all customers, ranging from domestic houses and properties to large, cattle stations, Aboriginal communities and on-going commercial contracts.

We charge a per kilometre rate, not an hourly rate for travel. This can be reduced by you if you contact other people in your area and share the travel costs if they have their pest control done at the same time.
Once we arrive our prices for pest control are no different then what you would be charged in town (in some cases cheaper). We also reduce our rates for large jobs or combined general pest and termite work.

We have travelled on all of the roads around Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and the Barkly including but not limited to the Stuart Hwy, Plenty Hwy, Sandover, Tanami Road, Kintore Rd, Docker River Rd, Ross Hwy, Mereenie Loop, Finke Rd, Barkly Hwy, Tablelands Hwy and the Barkly Stock Route. We also regularly travel to all of these places as a result of Government Contracts etc which helps to reduce travel costs to you .

All of the chemicals that we use are environmentally safe with no odour. You do not have to leave the house, take the cat, dog and pigeon with you when you go or remove any belongings. In town we give a 12 month warranty on our service but as this would not be possible out in the bush, at least it gives you an idea how good our treatments are.

We use the most cost effective and long lasting termite treatments available.

If you would like to know more about our rates please call us on 08-8953 5562 and if possible we will give you a quote over the phone so there are no hidden shocks.