Commercial Pest Control

Welcome to the commercial section of our web site. This area is for the benefit of companies wishing to set up pest management programs. Please remember that we provide a free quote for any treatments that you require.

In most instances we will provide a pest management proposal after we have inspected your property. This will outline all services provided by us including all chemicals used. Once you have agreed to the proposal we will provide you with a pest management diary which will include copies of our certificate of currency for insurance and a running sheet which will be filled out by the technician on each visit.

This diary will also include all the appropriate m.s.d.s. sheets supplied by the manufacturers of the products we use. We will give you advice on any recommendations that we make, including frequency of the visits. This of course will vary from company to company.

The services that we provide include all facets of pest management including termites, termite pre and post treatments, termite baiting and mice. We are able to install tamper proof mice bait boxes which are fully labelled if you so desire.

All of our products are the best available and in most cases are odourless and stainless. The treatments can be done after hours if so desired but depending on your situation most treatments can be done during business hours with a minimal amount of fuss.