Pest Control For Cockroaches In Alice Springs

Here at Red Centre Pest Control we are committed to not only providing a high level of cockroach pest control services, but for that service to be delivered in the safest possible way.

In this section we have attempted to not get too technical with our descriptions as we feel that the average person is not interested in scientific jargon.

Most people just want to know what they are and how to get rid of them. So here we go:


This bloke is the one that usually flies into your face when you walk out the back door. He is around 5cm long when fully mature and is very common around Alice Springs.

He likes to breed in bark and leaf mulch and in palm trees. So if you have lots of this, you probably have lots these. He has similar looking friend:


Both of these fellows fly and are accountable for most of the shrieking that you hear late at night. As far as getting rid of them goes, good luck.

As a pest controller I could say to you, “yeah no problem” but that would be a fib. Even if you removed all of the breeding areas mentioned above these guys would still fly in from next door. Don’t worry, there is still hope. With the high quality residual sprays and powders that we use on surfaces we have a chance.

These guys have to land at some point and when they do they will walk over the spray or powder and ‘that’s all she wrote’. So putting it into a nutshell. We can rid you of the ones that have set up a home in your roof void and to a degree in your garden but we can’t stop them flying into your yard.

But at least when they do and when they land on a treated area, the products will do their thing. Just remember, because you have these doesn’t mean that you are an unclean person but hygiene is a factor.

There is a cockroach however that is attracted by poor cleanliness:


This little bloke doesn’t fly; he just breeds like crazy when left untreated. When fully grown he is about 2cm long and is a real family orientated critter.

Now we have to be brutally honest here. If you are the type of person that leaves food scraps and dirty dishes out most nights and you have a german cockroach problem already, then you will just have a bigger one regardless of how many tins of fly spray or surface spray you own.

These guys don’t move much except when foraging for food so while they are sitting all together in a tiny nook in your kitchen they are just doing what comes naturally. Over and over and over again. before too long they will infest every electrical appliance including the microwave, knife block, door hinges, computer, television and anywhere else where it is dark or warm or both.

We use special gel bait which has been designed to ‘break the breeding cycle’. Something you must understand though is it is not a case of get the pest controller to get rid of these guys whilst we live the same way. You must make an effort to make sure that your levels of cleanliness improve. Now in saying that, you might be in the small percentage of people that have a german cockroach problem but are very clean and tidy.

This can and does happen as these guys may have hitched a ride in the bottom of a cardboard food box hiding in the corrugations. If so, don’t despair. The gel will do the trick. The process once the bait has been applied can take up to a month to allow for any eggs to hatch and the baby ones to find the bait or consume other dead cockroaches who already have the bait inside them. We can give you advice on any measures that we feel you should take to reduce the possibility of reinfestation.

There are numerous other species of cockroaches but we felt that these were the most likely ones that you were going to encounter in Alice Springs, therefore we didn’t want to confuse the issue any more than was required. If you have any questions or would like to have your home treated for any of the above, then please call us on 08- 8953- 5562 and we will do our best to help you.