Termite Treatments

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There are as many ways to treat active termites as there are pest controllers. Pest controllers are usually broken up into 2 types. The first is the ‘modern pestie’ who keeps up with the latest products, techniques and treatment methods. Conversely the alternative is the ‘ancient pestie’ who ‘lives in the past’ when it comes to most forms of pest control. Lets face it, most people don’t like going out of their comfort zone especially when they make lots of money from their old ways. Below is a summary of the most popular and not so popular methods:

1. DIRECT TREATMENT of the colony if the nest is known. i.e. tree, stump (recommended)

Fairly inexpensive and gives almost immediate results. This method will in most cases eliminate the colony but will not protect property in the long term.

2. TERMITE BAIT/MONITORS (recommended)

We only recommend Termite baits as part of your overall termite protection. Baits work well to a point. The main problem with baits is when there is current or previous activity in the building. Termite tubes already exist from the ground to the dwelling regardless of whether there are currently active termites there. New termites will quite often follow the old tunnels in and bypass any baits. This then gives you a false sense of security that the baits are protecting the dwelling. The facts are that this is not the pesties fault as they are in most cases not aware of previous attacks on the dwelling just as you may not have been aware. It’s best to assume that older houses have a high likelihood of being attacked previously and therefore have established tunnels leading into your dwelling. That said if you put baits 3 to 4 metres apart around your dwelling then there is a high chance that the tunnels already go between these baits and termites are less likely to branch of to the bait when they don’t have to as the current tunnel has the least resistance and requires no new work.


We strongly recommend this method when using a good quality product as this gives colony elimination almost as fast as the direct treatment on the nest without having to know where the nest is. In a lot of cases and especially with some species of termites, the nest won’t be obvious or be able to be accessed easily. The downside of this treatment is that it does not give any long term protection. There are three main dusting products used by pesties. The first product (which we use) is non-toxic to humans and will allow colony elimination in most cases within 2 weeks with minimal or no damage to your property during application. There is another dusting product used which is also non-toxic to humans and does work but can take several months to eliminate the colony due to moulting cycles of the queen termite. During this time the termites are still doing what they do best – eat. The third product is also effective but I wouldn’t like to have arsenic in my home would you??

4. BAIT BOXES APPLIED (Not recommended when # 1 is available)

This involves putting a box or boxes full of a special bait direct onto termite active areas. These are usually used when termites are active in the dwelling but although they are usually effective when done properly they are also very slow at eliminating the colony. This usually means that they have to be refilled at least once working on the theory that the pestie checks it regularly. We do not recommend using these boxes on trees as a direct treatment. This is because the direct treatment stated in Number 1 is more effective, quicker, less likely to fail and is less expensive.

5. LIQUID PERIMETER TREATMENT (Highly recommended if)

Your house is old, if any previous termite sprays have gone past their use by date, if the dwelling has a high timber content and definitely if you have active termites currently in the dwelling. This treatment could also become an internal treatment if required. The argument has always been that drill marks devalue your home but having no home from termites is a bigger devaluer.


We recommend 6 to 12 monthly termite inspections of your property. Click here Termite Inspections to read our section on this.

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